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The Encyclopedia of Parenting from A-Z so help me God!

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* Kids Need More Lap-Top Time *

Not the lap-top time that requires a mouse and modem...Not the lap-top time that costs thousands of dollars...Not the laptop that needs a battery or electrical outlet. This one is free.

This lap-top time requires a mom or dad. This lap-top time could include a hug or kiss. Lap-top time is best when it is surrounded by a parent's loving arms and tender words. Lap-top time provides the place and the opportunity to listen, talk and console one another.

FIRST, Lap-top time is the time and the place for bonding with our children. It builds close relationships and trust. The laptop can be the setting for many things. The lap is a secure, loving, enjoyable place to be held.

Lap-top time spells love, caring and kindness. Everyone needs that!

The bonds and relationships we create with our children last a lifetime. The words we whisper during lap-top time are special to children and parents.

SECOND, the all-important reading process starts in the lap. When children are very young, parents should read aloud to them. The best and most comfortable place for this reading is the lap. Studies show the parental love and caring are essential for a child's development. The same is true for the reading process. It is actually the melodic sound of the parent's voice and the security of the lap-top time that are the essential elements for success. Reading aloud with expression and rhythm begins to instill a strong love of reading.

EXAMPLE: While our daughter was growing up my husband and I always made sure we had plenty of opportunities for the lap-top time. We would read her favorite books aloud with the best expression we could muster. We would vary our voices, sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting, sometimes singing. We feel it developed a closeness we still feel today. Even though our daughter lives 250 miles away, we maintain the conversations and the closeness. In addition, she became an avid reader at the age of four. She had a head start on reading when she entered kindergarten. This head start in reading helped her become an 'A' student throughout her school years.

Still not sure of the importance of lap-top time? Imagine what our world would be like without lap-top time. What a cold, uncaring world this would be. How would we whisper " I love you " in our child's ear without lap-top time? How would we experience that closeness and security in our own lives? There would be a great void.


1. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the lap-top time when the children are young. they will outgrow it soon!

2. HOLD THE CHILDREN on your lap and whisper to them. Ask them how they are doing, and be sure to tell them you love them.

3. GRAB YOUR CHILD'S FAVORITE BOOK and read it aloud to them. Be expressive! You might even want to sing part of it.

REMEMBER: Take advantage of lap-top time while you can. Children grow up fast and we don't want to lose that window of opportunity. Lap-top time is the place and the time to bond with the children. The laptop can be the first place the child hears the sounds of reading.

Copyright 1999 by Dr. Carol S. Kennedy